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Situated in one of the most tranquil areas in San Jose, our beautiful community is a great place to live if you’re looking for a dynamic yet calm lifestyle. Our Neighborhood Association is dedicated to keeping the residents well informed about neighborhood activities/news, community events and July 4th parade through this website, google groups (emails), and Nextdoor.

About Us

Thousand Oaks, San Jose is one of the most beautiful and peaceful residential areas in San Jose where families live together in harmony. One can often see kids playing in the Thousand Oaks Park. Thousand Oaks Park is the heart of our neighborhood. It’s where our popular Fourth of July Parade takes place and where many neighbors gather to enjoy the playground, play fetch with their dogs, and fly kites with their children.

Following are the TONA board members and committees' information:

  • President: Ted Earle

  • Vice President: Sam Ho and Bob Jamello

  • Secretary (Communications): Marian Heinkel

  • Secretary (Recording): VACANT

  • Treasurer: Abhishek Joshi

  • 4th of July Parade Representative: Marsey Kahn

  • Members at Large: Mary Bitter, Jerry Strangis, Nigel Jahn, Sandra Cortez, Sean Pierce, and Jodi Pierce

  • Associate Member: Dave Guthridge

Here are the bylaws under which the board functions.

Following are the four committees which you can become a member of:

  • Community Events

  • Park Preservation and Development

  • 4th of July Parade

  • Crime and Safety

Please check the Committees page for more details.

Elected Officials

City Council Representative (District 9): Pam Foley

San Jose Mayor: Sam Licardo

Santa Clara County (District 1): Mike Wasserman

CA State Assembly (District 28): Evan Low (DEM)

CA State Senator (District 15): Jim Beall (DEM)

US Congressman (District 19): Zoe Lofgren (DEM)

US Senators (CA): Dianne Feinstein (DEM) and Alex Padilla (DEM)

Community Resources (San Jose, CA) -

Thousand Oaks Park History

Lured by the Gold Rush, Dr. John P. Dudley, a native of New York, arrived in California in 1850.  He practiced medicine in Sacramento, but soon relocated to the Santa Clara Valley.  In 1866 Dr. Dudley acquired 170 acres of the old Narvaez Rancho in what is now the Thousand Oaks neighborhood.


As was common at the time, most of the acreage was planted in vineyards.  After Dr. Dudley’s death in 1900, his family began converting the farm to cherry and walnut orchards.  The farmhouse, located in what is now the eastern portion of Thousand Oaks Park, remained occupied by Louise, eldest of the two Dudley daughters, until her death in 1968.  Remnants of the old farmhouse were still visible when the property was acquired by Blackwell Homes.


In 1972 Blackwell set aside an 8.6 acre site, in the heart of the housing development, because of its many specimen Valley and Live Oak trees.  The property was deeded to the City of San Jose in 1973 for use as a neighborhood park, specifically for the protection and preservation of the heritage trees.

The large parcel was later divided when Thousand Oaks Drive became a through street.  In 1985 a park design was created, focused on encouraging passive use, in order to maintain the delicate ecological conditions on which the oaks depend.  The scope of development was curtailed by budgetary constraints, leaving the western portion undeveloped until 2018, when the Thousand Oaks neighborhood united to fund its completion.

The Woodland Area of Thousand Oaks Park opened in the summer of 2018, finally completing the neighborhood park as originally intended, and ensuring the preservation of this unique natural resource for present and future generations.


Presentation on Thousand Oaks Park Tree Management Plan (presented at the 2019 October 16th general meeting) can be found here.


You can get in touch with the board members regarding any event/issue related to Thousands Oaks neighborhood. You can direct your queries to the email provided below, or use the the "Contact Form" below (providing your name and email).


Stay up to date with neighborhood news/events. You will also be added to the general googlegroup for all updates.

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