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Community Events

TONA liaisons - Marian Heinkel and Mary Bitter

Lead member - Terri Guest

The purpose of this committee is to bring the Thousand Oaks neighbors together for some social events; to get to know each other and to enjoy our beautiful Thousand Oaks Park

The Community Events committee will plan and execute several fun and social events each year.  We will collect donations at the events so that the events can sustain themselves.  We will meet in the early months of the year to plan a calendar of events and then meet as needed to plan individual events throughout the year.  We will also have a sub committee that will serve a a "Welcome Wagon" for all new residents.  We will greet each new family with a packet of information that we will put together and possibly with a plate of cookies as well.


As an ongoing commitment to serve the neighborhood, we have created 6 different committees covering different aspects pertaining to our neighborhood. There’s a whole lot happening in our community, and we’re happy to have you be a part of it. View our committee descriptions and get all the information you need about them. You can choose to sign up for any of them by using the sign-up form at the bottom of this page, following which you will be added to the google group for that committee to receive all updates/discussions among the committee members.

Park Preservation and Development

TONA Liaison - Marsey Kahn

The goal of this committee is the permanent protection and preservation of the oak woodland that comprises both parcels of Thousand Oaks Park.  Four hundred years ago, the oldest oaks in our park were just seedlings.  As the character of Santa Clara Valley evolved from oak savannah to farms, orchards and, ultimately, residential neighborhoods, many oaks were lost.  Oak woodlands are now considered an endangered natural resource.


Our first step was to raise awareness with the City of San Jose, particularly in regard to the park area west of Thousand Oaks Drive.  Our proposal to name the entire park property a Heritage Grove has been approved by the City Arborist. In an effort to protect the smaller portion of the park property, we have partnered with the San Jose Parks Foundation to create the Thousand Oaks Park Conservancy Project.  Through this project, we are working with the San Jose Parks Department to develop the site so that it becomes a recognized parkland, and will no longer be in jeopardy for any other type of development.  The entire project is being funded by donations from the community.


Going forward, we will be adding further enhancements to the smaller parcel, along with obtaining an oak management plan that will guide us in protecting and preserving the entire park property for the future. For more information, please contact Marsey Kahn at  To make a donation, please visit

You can see the 1985 Thousand Oaks Park Master Plan Report here.

Woman Looking Out the Window
Woman Looking Out the Window

4th of July Parade

TONA liaison - Marsey Kahn

Lead Member - Marsey Kahn

​Our annual 4th of July parade, a Thousand Oaks tradition, is the most beloved and anticipated event of the year.  What began as a small contingent of decorated bicycles in 1990 has grown into a spectacular celebration, complete with fire and police escorts, classic cars, and conveyances of every description decorated in red, white, and blue.  Trophies are awarded for the best floats, the apple pie baking contest is always a winner, and local vendors are on hand with refreshments.


The event is supported solely by donations from the neighborhood, which are collected during the parade.  Volunteers are always needed.  For more information contact Marsey Kahn at

The 4th of July committee is responsible for the activities and events associated with the parade. Meetings typically begin in the spring and the committee members are contacted by Marsey at that time.

Crime and Safety

TONA liaison - Ted Earle

This committee would deal with the rise in crime in and around our neighborhood, and possible solutions on how to keep our neighborhood safe.

Woman Looking Out the Window
Woman Looking Out the Window

Urban Development

TONA liaison - Sam Ho

This committee would follow any proposed construction and housing/retail developments in the area and keep the neighborhood informed as to any impacts this urban growth would have on our neighborhood. The committee would also be in touch with the city officials related to urban development in order to get regular updates about any present or future work and discuss them with the board members whenever needed. They will also collect feedback from the board members or other neighborhood folks (via google groups or nextdoor) and relay the same to the city officials whenever required.

Committee Signup!

Please enter your email ID, your name, and the name of the committee you wish to join. Once you click "Send", your request to join the Google group for the requested committee will be sent to the TONA board members.

Thanks! Message sent.

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