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Our Mission

Board Members


Our Neighborhood Association is dedicated to keeping the residents well informed about neighborhood activities/news, community events and July 4th parade through this website, our newsletter, and our private Facebook group.

President: Nigel Jahn
Vice President: Sam Ho
Secretary (Communications): Marian Heinkel
Secretary (Recording): Jennifer Diehl
Treasurer: Ben Turner
4th of July Parade Representative: Marsey Kahn
Social Media Coordinator: Aileen Cureton
Members at Large: Mary Bitter, Bob Jamello, Abhishek Joshi, Lisa Paz-Furtado, Judo Pierce, Sean Pierce, Nate Rose, and Jerry Strangis
Associate Member: Dave Guthridge

Here are the bylaws under which the board functions.

4th of July Parade

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Easter Egg Hunt

Holiday Caroling

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