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Ronald Tolkien
Sep 09, 2022
In General Discussions
You will report your findings based on the methodology or methods used in the results section of your research paper. The results section should be clear and concise, with no bias or interpretations, and presented in a logical order. It is important to remember that results from a study are not proof. Research results are only able to confirm or reject the research problem that underpins your study. The act of expressing the results can help you understand the problem inside, break it down, and view the research problem in different ways. This section's page length is determined by the type and amount of data to be reported. To present results of a research paper more effectively, be concise and use non-textual elements such as tables and figures if necessary. When deciding which data to include in your results section, it is important that you clearly differentiate between data that should be included in a research article and raw data that can be added as an appendix. If your professor asks, you should not include raw data in your main text. Related Resources:

Ronald Tolkien

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