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Letter from Don Rocha's office


I wanted to reach out to give you an update on Bridge Housing Communities. As promised, San Jose’s Housing Department released an informational memo yesterday, February 13th, where the top three candidate sites for a pilot Bridge Housing Community have been made public. The memorandum, which can be found here, identifies the sites and explains the Housing Department’s process to determining which site will be the best candidate. In that process, there will be an environmental review as well as community engagement for neighborhoods surrounding the candidate sites.

Please find below the three sites with linked Google Maps locations (Sites listed in no particular order):

  1. SCL 280/680/101 – SW Quadrant

  2. APN: N/A

  3. Land Ownership: Caltrans

  4. Council District 7

  5. Google Maps Location Here

  6. VTA Construction Staging/Storage Areas (Mabury)

  7. APN: 254-01-034

  8. Land Ownership: VTA

  9. Council District 3

  10. Google Maps Location Here

  11. W/S Hellyer Ave, N of Silicon Valley Boulevard

  12. APN: 678-08-033

  13. Land Ownership: CSJ

  14. Council District 2

  15. Google Maps Location Here

As you can see, none of the candidate sites previously considered in District 9 have moved on to the next stage (including sites near the Thousand Oaks neighborhood). The District 9 sites are off the table for the pilot Bridge Housing Community.

I want to encourage you to stay engaged in your community and continue looking for opportunities to have conversations whereby all stakeholders can learn and improve communications. As always, please let me know if there are any City-related questions, ideas or concerns and we’ll be sure to engage in conversation.



Frank Ponciano

Policy Aide

Office of Councilmember Don Rocha, District 9

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