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Parks Department Meeting Update

Update from Marsey on her meeting with the Parks department today:

Our meeting with the Parks Department this morning was very, very positive. Although we must wait for final approval (a minimum of 30 days from now), we were given permission to place our order for the benches, trash receptacles and signs, in anticipation of that approval. There were only minor changes to our proposal - a slightly different bench style preferred by the Parks Dept., and the addition of 2 more trash receptacles. We also learned that our oak management plan may be more costly than originally planned. We are so grateful to have raised more funds than our initial goal, as these changes will mean increased expenditures. Overall, we are pleased to have moved one step closer to developing our park. We are ready to begin construction as soon as we receive final approval! Thank you, Thousand Oaks Neighborhood, for your patience and continuing support.

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