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A recognition sign will be created for permanent display in the park, listing all donors to the Thousand Oaks Park Fund. Donations will be grouped as follows:

  • Woodland Donors (under $500)

  • Park Founders ($500-$999)

  • Heritage Founders ($1000-$2499)

  • Legacy Founders ($2500+)

  • Corporate Donors

Although the San Jose Parks Foundation website will remain open indefinitely, donations must be received by April 15 for inclusion on the recognition sign. Any changes to personal information must also be made prior to April 15. Please email me ( to do any of the following:

  • Add a spouse or other family member's name(s)

  • Combine donations with other family members

  • Change status from "anonymous" (Anonymous donors will be listed as such; if you wish your name to appear, please notify me.)

  • Make any other corrections

Thank you to all who donated to develop, protect, and preserve our park. Donations currently total $61,625 - a truly amazing accomplishment!

San Jose Parks Foundation website:

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