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Thanks to our 20 neighborhood volunteers, along with PRNS Adopt-A-Park personnel, we successfully planted 50 native vines along the cyclone fence, verbena under all of our signs, and began mulching many of the oak saplings that have emerged on the site. We also trimmed some dead branches and removed invasive trees.

Special thanks to Dave Guthridge for prepping the area in the days before the workday, delivering the plants and mulch, and for providing the equipment that allowed us to dig the holes. Dave also provided a water tank for initial and ongoing watering.

Future plans include harvesting acorns for planting at a later date. In addition, the Thousand Oaks Neighborhood Association was recently awarded a Beautify San Jose grant for the purchase of a mature oak tree to plant in the Woodland Area. We will continue to observe, through the coming seasons, how our woodland begins to grow and change, and, in partnership with PRNS, will adjust our plans accordingly.

Many thanks to all who participated in a very productive workday.

Marsey & Jennifer Thousand Oaks Park Conservancy Project

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